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GuidelT Cyber Assurance assesses your current cyber security strategy and test key exposure points to provide you with a clear plan for addressing vulnerabilities.

Cyber Assurance

With the growing complexity of cyber security, understanding the strength of your current program, launching initiatives to address vulnerabilities, and testing the safety of common threat entrance points enable you to pinpoint safeguards and investments. Through GuideIT Cyber Assurance services, we will assess your current cyber security strategy and associated measures and test key exposure points to provide you a clear view into vulnerabilities and a plan to address them.

Identifies gaps in an organization’s cyber security strategy and the implementation process.

Testing of all employees’ cyber-risk awareness with remediation training for those who do not meet expectations.

Ethical hacking performed by neutral third party to seek out vulnerabilities in security infrastructure.

Business Results

Provides a 360° view of the effectiveness of your cyber security strategy.

Supplies a security roadmap to obtain your target risk management strategy.

Increases employee awareness of phishing attacks and their prevention.

Reduces the potential for breaches by repairing vulnerabilities in security.

Creates a prioritization list of the most needed improvements.