Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence solutions converts your business data into actionable insights to help you unlock the most critical analytics, reveal new insights, effectively manage your business and reduce administrative expenses.

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Our Approach

Achieving targeted business out comes relies upon informed decision making and having ample time to respond to challenges. But at a time when businesses have more data than ever,having impactful measures and analytics in real-time remains elusive. The barriers to efficient, free flowing information are application constraints, data issues and the lack of an information delivery platform. We build connections throughout your data to help you easily access critical analytics and hidden business patterns, allowing you to realize a more informed, efficient and collaborative business with an optimized support structure.

How We Do It

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Establish connections to your business applications so data freely flows into a highly secure integration engine where cross-functional data is connected.

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Apply the business logic necessary to convert the raw, integrated data into the reports, measures and analytics needed to inform decision makers and key constituents.

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Create the visualizations and alerts that deliver the information impactfully, rapidly and with context. Many visualizations enable the business user to easily configure and drill into the data.

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Unlock the analytics most critical to decision-making and detect hidden patterns to realize reduced administrative expense and a better managed business.

Case Snapshots

Eliminate the Spreadsheet Culture

A rapidly growing business had assembled a cost-effective suite of cloud-based corporate systems, but the lack of integration and reliance on spreadsheets slowed the pace of business. We integrated data from more than 10 systems, applied business logic and provided leadership with real-time, anywhere access to critical information. We helped them reduce back office process time by as much as 83%.