GuideIT Commercial Solutions

GuideIT Commercial Solutions help you leverage technology to build a stronger business by ensuring your IT function is an efficient enabler of your strategy, converting new ideas requiring technology in value-creating businesses, enhancing the business environment and protecting against cyber threats.

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Our Approach

We work with organizations providing travel and associated information services, providers of technology products and solutions, real estate developers, educational institutions and manufacturers, chemical and associated engineering firms. Our approach is focused on your end users, improving their experience and efficiency with the right technology solutions.

Strategy-Enabling IT Function

Having a high performing, cost-efficient IT function that enables your strategy is vital to the success of any business. We run, strengthen and increase the efficiency of your IT function to create a platform for strategic innovation.

Digital Disruption

The opportunity exists to create new value in your business using digital technology. We help you to create sustainable business value by applying the technological building blocks necessary to implement digital strategies.

Data Protection

Advancements in technology and an increase of connected devices create more opportunities for data loss than ever before. We protect your systems, data and people through a suite of configurable security solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud platforms provide technological agility that is unprecedented. We will develop a model that integrates leading cloud providers with your existing infrastructure in a way that is flexible, cost-effective and functional.

Case Snapshots

Reduce IT Expense During a Period of Rapid Growth

A global travel business executing an acquisition strategy was experiencing rapid telecommunications expense growth. It needed a more efficient network design. We redesigned the network that produced 10% savings in a period of growth while implementing a governance process to sustain the greater efficiency.