GuideIT Commercial Solutions

GuideIT Commercial Solutions help you leverage technology to build a stronger business by ensuring your IT function is an efficient enabler of your strategy, converting new ideas requiring technology in value-creating businesses, enhancing the business environment and protecting against cyber threats.

Our Approach

We work with organizations providing travel and associated information services, providers of technology products and solutions, real estate developers, educational institutions and manufacturers, chemical and associated engineering firms. Our approach is focused on your end users, improving their experience and efficiency with the right technology solutions.

Strategy-Enabling IT Function

Having a high performing, cost-efficient IT function that enables your strategy is vital to the success of any business. We run, strengthen and increase the efficiency of your IT function to create a platform for strategic innovation.

We bring you solutions for achieving business objectives and responding to challenges. With consulting services that span from advisory to implementation services, we provide end-to-end business support that produces results.
We manage your applications, infrastructure and service desk to your standards in order to maximize your return on investment and ensure your end users have reliable technology and support.
Digital Disruption

The opportunity exists to create new value in your business using digital technology. We help you to create sustainable business value by applying the technological building blocks necessary to implement digital strategies.

We utilize the power of data and automation to enable you to convert your ideas into results.
We help you create a more efficient business by keeping you informed of your operations and customers via actionable analytics.
Data Protection

Advancements in technology and an increase of connected devices create more opportunities for data loss than ever before. We protect your systems, data and people through a suite of configurable security solutions.

We strengthen your overall cyber security program by closing gaps in your organization’s cyber security strategy.
We manage the risk associated with the unauthorized access or destruction of data, such as customer and employee information.
We enable defensive measures for the most vulnerable components of an IT ecosystem, end-user devices.
We detect and respond to highly complex threats through actionable intelligence and 24/7 security monitoring to protect against malicious hacks.
Strengthening the Employee Experience

Changing workforce demographics and highly connected mobile environments require more dynamic workplaces. We focus on connectivity, collaboration and communication improvements that strengthen the bond with employees.

We strengthen employee engagement, enhance the customer experience and optimize cost with an always accessible mobile business environment.

Your Dedicated Commercial Team

Matt Bologna

Vice President/Business Unit Leader, Commercial

Deana Eiland

Customer Executive