COVID-19 Vaccine Hub Solutions

Vaccine Hub Contact Center as a service with US-based clinical support analysts and alignment with EMRs and governance

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Solutions for Covid-19 Vaccine Providers

GuideIT deploys experienced, US-based support analysts as part of a scalable and compliance-oriented solution to facilitate rapid turn-up of COVID-19 Vaccination Hubs. Leverage our proven clinical support services to quickly operationalize patient outreach, scheduling, data entry, and follow-up, aligned with your support and governance models.

  • Proven Results

    GuideIT is an industry leader in aligning Technology with the needs of healthcare organizations. With extensive EHR and compliance experience, we’re the ideal partner for Vaccine Hub Providers.

  • EMR Procedures Alignment

    Leverage our top intellectual capital around EMR integration and optimization to align your Covid-19 Vaccine Hub processes. We partner with you to achieve the clinical outcomes you expect through superior technology and platform capabilities.

  • Vaccine Call Center

    Deploy a turnkey contact center solution custom tailored to the needs of your vaccine hub. Experienced, US-based Healthcare Support Analysts preform necessary functions within EMR platforms and facilitate patient screening, scheduling, and patient engagement.

  • Demand Management

    Ensure your valuable vaccine resources are consumed efficiently. With the time-sensitive nature of vaccine supply chains, our call center can manage demand volume to keep sites operating at desired capacity.

Who is GuideIT

We serve health systems, regional hospitals, community hospitals, ambulatory and acute care organizations, physician groups, clinics, Accountable Care Organizations, payers and healthcare product and services companies. Our team has decades of experience in helping healthcare organizations achieve their technology-centric business objectives.

Case Snapshots

Accelerate a Path to Enhanced Patient Care

A company that manages urgent care clinics acquired 15 facilities across the country. Each operated different IT and EHR environments, resulting in an objective to standardize and optimize the IT and EHR environment. We performed workflow optimization that increased productivity by more than 30% and remediated more than 20 compliance issues.

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An Experienced Healthcare Solutions Team:

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Senior Vice President, Healthcare

Becky Castonguay

Becky Castonguay

Healthcare Leader

Tim Olivier

Tim Olivier

Healthcare Program Manager

Celine Fynes

Celine Fynes

Healthcare Leader