End User Protection

In today’s threat landscape, end users are the highest value targets to threat actors. Today’s highly mobile and connected workforce makes the tools that end users utilize for productivity vulnerable to cyber-attacks. End User Protection Solutions from GuideIT provide managed security services to stop security breaches before they occur. Through our process, we identify, protect, detect, and educate to address threats before they can wreak havoc on your business.

Our Approach

End User connectivity is the most susceptible gateway into corporate networks, which when combined with today’s highly mobile and connected environment, makes the corporate suite of productivity tools the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. GuideIT End User Protection leverages a defense-in-depth approach to protect each layer of the IT Infrastructure.  Through our process we implement best-of-breed tools to address threats from phishing, malicious email attachments, ransomware, and outdated security patches.

How We Do It

We work with you to perform security assessments which uncover any critical vulnerabilities and potential failures with a defense-in-depth perspective
We deploy best-in-class defensive toolsets leveraging strategic partnerships to identify threats before they cause damage
We harden your IT infrastructure against malware, phishing, and outdated security patches through a comprehensive strategy. We respond to threats and isolate malicious payloads before they gain access to the environment.
We provide adoption and training programs to increase awareness, promote best practices, and assess organizational readiness.