End User Protection

In today’s threat rich environment, end users are the highest value targets to threat actors. Today’s highly mobile and connected workforce makes the tools that end users utilize for productivity vulnerable to cyber-attacks. GuideIT End User Protection provides a holistic approach to creating a configurable set of safeguards that reduce risk and increase visibility across the corporate threat landscape in totality.

Our Approach

End User connectivity is the most susceptible gateway into corporate networks, which when combined with today’s highly mobile and connected environment, makes the corporate suite of productivity tools the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. GuideIT End User Protection provides all the safeguards necessary to protect your business. We make these pieces work for your business through a straightforward and configurable approach.

How We Do It

We work with you to understand your current business environment, cybersecurity program, and associated objectives.
We identify gaps in your organization’s cyber security strategy to provide a 360-degree view of the effectiveness of your current strategy.
We develop solutions that protect your most vulnerable devices and productivity tools, secure your data, and reduce the potential for breaches or outages by ensuring all devices and tools are secure, regardless of the network.
We operate as an extended member of your team to safeguard your business and protect your data, systems and people.