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Information Security Advocacy Organization Improves Customer Experience Using App Solution Engineered by GuideIT

Plano, TX – September 22, 2016 – A company advocating for Information Security best practices desired to upgrade their customer portal and related applications. After considering internal and external options, they selected GuideIT to engineer a replacement of integrated applications.

“The previous technology had aged to the point where the customer experience was in decline and the back-end management of the portal was overly burdensome,” said Frank Avignone, Practice Leader for GuideIT. “Demand grows quickly, pushing technology to adapt or be replaced. It happens in every business. Fortunately, our customer recognized the situation for what it was and committed to making the right investment for their customers.”

The GuideIT application development team first performed a business priority assessment and a technology gap analysis. Secondly, they engaged in designing custom applications focused on meeting the business priorities, the top of which would be a better customer experience.

A unique element to this project was the designed flexibility inherent in the new application solution. “We designed the new applications to be scalable and flexible to ensure a better long-term solution for a company with demands that project to increase exponentially,” said Avignone. “That’s the difference between building software and creating a solution. Not only do their customers have a better experience today, the company is now prepared to ensure the same for the long future ahead.”

With the new application solution live, the organization selected to extend and expand it’s relationship with GuideIT in key areas of infrastructure technology and service. This additional work is an effort to accelerate the proactive preparation for future technology demands aligning technology to the broader business priorities.


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