Managed Security Operations

GuideIT Managed Security Operations allow us to collect data from multiple sources and correlates events to create actionable intelligence. We can provide you with cost-effective, advanced protection from the most complex threats with a 24/7 security operations center.

Our Approach

The complexity of cyber security threats is increasing. Traditional defenses are no longer adequate, while previously unidentified and highly complex threats can penetrate your primary security countermeasures. With GuideIT Intelligent Security Operations, you receive the advanced protection that comes from aggregating, analyzing and assessing information from multiple IT sources, while gaining advanced tools and active monitoring of your security environment.

How We Do It

We aggregate data from many sources, correlate disparate events, and apply machine learning to create actionable intelligence to address threats that could otherwise not be detected.
Our security operations specialists actively monitor your overall environment and address potential threats.
We adjust your security countermeasures to ensure the primary protections for your technology infrastructure and applications function to the greatest level possible.
We provide you with greater visibility into the threat landscape and the actions being taken to protect your business.