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As an Microsoft Silver Partner, we offer an integrated approach to management, administration, and end user support for all Microsoft products.

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Microsoft and GuideIT Partnership

GuideIT provides comprehensive services to manage and support the administration of Microsoft products in your environment. With our unified service model, we deliver immediate cost savings and advanced product support, all with a seamless and risk-free transition.

Our Solutions

In today’s hybrid environment, it is more important than ever to maintain a single point of contact for managing your software licenses and support services. With GuideIT’s Microsoft Lifecyle services, not only do you gain preferred pricing on O365 & Azure licenses, but you also get additional access to technical support from our world class Microsoft experts. Through the consolidation of vendors, you’ll receive simplified management with a single point of contact for support while also saving money by taking advantage of lower license costs across the Microsoft product landscape.

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Case Snapshots

Accelerate IT Separation and Cost Efficiency

A mortgage company needed to accelerate an IT infrastructure separation in order to meet regulatory requirements. We were engaged to facilitate the separation. We insourced an IT support function supporting more than 12,000 users, improved network and application performance and enabled a reduction to expense of approximately $20 million annually.