Penetration Testing

GuideIT Penetration Testing provides you with the actionable visibility necessary to address security vulnerabilities that expose your business to cyber-attacks.

Our Approach

Understanding your cyber security weaknesses is an essential step to fortifying your business. With technology playing a role in every aspect of business, the growing number of access points and increasing use of “as a Service” consumption models, cyber attackers have more ways to penetrate your business than ever before. This risk is amplified through IT process weaknesses. With GuideIT Penetration Testing, we assess your IT environment from the perspective of a cyber attacker. Using ethical hacking methods, we detect and exploit vulnerabilities in your security countermeasures, processes and procedures. The output is a comprehensive review of vulnerabilities, recommendations for remediation and a cost-effective approach.

How We Do It

We deploy security specialists that simulate the process cyber attackers would use to penetrate your security countermeasures and gain access to your business, its applications and data. This “no harm” approach provides you with visibility into the effectiveness of your cyber security programs and identifies vulnerabilities to remediate.

We collect available information on your business and identify potential exposure points from the perspective of an attacker.
We scan your environment to understand the countermeasures currently in place.
We utilize ethical hacking to gain access to your infrastructure and applications.
We determine if your current countermeasures can detect a sustained attack.
We provide a comprehensive report of exposure points with remediation recommendations.