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Chuck Lyles and GuideIT Featured as Power Player in Dallas Business Journal Article

Perspective On A Story Authored By Danielle Abril of the Dallas Business Journal

Recently GuideIT CEO Chuck Lyles was interviewed by Danielle Abril for the Dallas Business Journal’s POWER PLAYERS feature. Tripling in size since Lyles took over a little more than a year ago, Danielle asked Chuck about his first year leading GuideIT and his plans moving forward. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

When asked what GuideIT is currently working on, Chuck replied, “We’ve been fortunate to really bring forward a few breakthrough ideas in the hospital marketplace. There’s been a lot of information that has gone from a piece of paper to a computer system. But once it’s in the computer system, how does a caregiver use that info to better make more meaningful diagnoses for patients or give them better information to treat patients? Our services really look at how we would improve the data and provide analytical outcomes of that data to make better decisions.”

Danielle then went on to ask Chuck about his main goal.  “My goal is to really attract the best talent in the marketplace to come join the company and have them have aspirational career goals to drive better results. You can’t quantify results in terms of revenue or profit. It’s more about adding value for the customer.”

When asked how he manages his team Chuck pointed out that he has always believed in hiring better people, empowering them, making them accountable and getting out of their way. He never asks them to do something that he is not willing to do himself. He believes in always being transparent and not being afraid to be vulnerable. In doing so, Chuck believes that it makes for an open, candid environment where the team can work together toward mutual success.

Chuck credits the ability to recruit top IT talent to the values central to the culture of GuideIT, a model carried from the Perot family’s great tradition of creating successful companies.  With many former EDS and Perot Systems employees excited to return to this model of business, it is an attractive place for team members to create a career.

To learn more about Chuck, his past, and his vision for the future of GuideIT, you can read the article by Danielle on the Dallas Business Journal’s website. Click here.

Perspective written by Peter Snell, VP Marketing @ GuideIT

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