May 29, 2019, Plano, TX | GuideIT today announced a series of business outcomes healthcare providers realized through its Electronic Health Record (EHR) optimization solutions.GuideIT's healthcare solutions position technology from a business and patient care perspective to best serve the healthcare provider‚ business objectives; optimize technology investment and ongoing expense; achieve the security, compliance and privacy necessary for success; and enable data-driven business management. Optimization of the EHR and the supporting application environment is a focus area for healthcare providers because of the importance of taking a holistic approach to new system deployment, prior investments in EHR solutions that have not yielded the expected returns and healthcare provider acquisition and consolidation activity. "EHR optimization is central to achieving clinical efficiency and caregiver satisfaction," said Chuck Lyles, CEO for GuideIT. "We blend an approach that encompasses implementation, conversion and support with a flexible style of engaging in the best way to support a customer to produce the results desired."

For its customers, GuideIT:

  • Managed, for a major physician practice, implementation of a best-in-class EHR, supporting organizational transformation initiatives, developing system interfaces, and building a secure infrastructure to safeguard the systems and patient information
  • Assessed an in-progress EHR implementation, recommending a remediation plan and then providing the program management, interface and testing expertise to position the program to achieve expected outcomes
  • Built a health system‚Äôs first clinical service desk in support of a transition to a new EHR with the objectives of providing a high degree of first call resolution and enhancing caregiver productivity
  • Reduced runout healthcare application support expense by more than 25% for a regional health system, while enabling the internal team to focus on implementing the new EHR
  • Optimized clinical workflows that increased productivity by more than 30%
  • Developed a health analytics program by integrating approximately 250 data file formats in order to provide a complete health history on patients
  • Converted more than 240,000 patient records through an accelerated medical record abstraction project meeting all time, quality and budget objectives

"Technological challenges can be inhibitors to healthcare providers achieving targeted success factors," said Jeff Smith, Vice President, Healthcare for GuideIT. "Our healthcare expertise and technology solutions are central to enhancing the return on investment from EHRs, achieving the expected benefits from acquisitions, and strengthening the operational technology foundation that supports caregivers and the business."

About GuideIT

GuideIT provides IT services that make technology contribute to business success. Through its consulting, managed IT, digital business, and cyber security solutions and the way it partners with customers, simplifies the complex, and inspires confidence, GuideIT utilizes technology in an industry context to enable the creation of business value and create an IT experience that delivers. Founded in 2013 and part of a heritage that dates to the industry’s founding, GuideIT has been recognized for its service quality, positive work environment and growth. More information is available