The company announced early adopters attaining data-driven visibility across security toolsets, uncovering unknown threats and risk, and easing the burden of regulatory compliance

PLANO, Texas, June 29, 2022 ( - GuideIT, a leading provider of digital transformation technology solutions, today announced the release of a new Insights‚Ñ¢ Cyber Security Analytics offering. Adding to its existing suite of cloud-based Insights‚Ñ¢ Analytics solutions, the company has made the new security analytics product available as a public release since completing successful pilot deployments with select major customers across various industries.

Insights‚Ñ¢ Cyber Security Analytics provides a single pane of glass view of assets and their security compliance status, improving how companies can identify risk and respond to security audits for insurance and regulatory compliance. The analytics technology allows customers to capture greater value from existing security tools and data through intelligent cross-platform analysis.

The release comes one year since GuideIT originally launched Insights‚Ñ¢ Analytics and the Stratus‚Ñ¢ Cloud data platform, expanding its suite of data-driven capabilities. GuideIT partnered with select customers in 2021 to develop and refine a security analytics toolset to provide cyber professionals with visibility across disparate tools and identify gaps and vulnerabilities through proprietary cross-system comparison and external threat intelligence data sources.

Early customer success was highlighted by a major U.S. insurance company that gained more comprehensive cybersecurity visibility of potential security threats through Insights‚Ñ¢ Cyber Security Analytics. Additional early adopters included a leading commercial real estate development firm and a large healthcare provider of non-clinical services to emergency care providers, both of which contributed to the overall advancement of the offering resulting in a robust and cross-industry compatible solution providing data-driven cyber decision support to security and business leaders.

"Protecting customer environments is a top priority and Cyber Security Insights‚Ñ¢ strengthens customers' ability to see and respond to threats across their security landscape," said GuideIT Security Practice Leader Trent Gibbs. "I'm excited about how the technology has matured and by the results now being realized by customers, who are gaining a higher level of data management of CISO-level priorities to protect against and resolve cyber threats."

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