August 2022: eCW Support, Cloud Enablement, and Mobile Cyber Threats

GuideIT Enabling Customer Success With eCW Consulting, Optimization, Support

GuideIT has announced the expansion of solutions for the eClinicalWorks EMR platform. Over the last few years, GuideIT has assembled a market-leading team of industry experts to assist healthcare organizations with supporting their eCW platforms. The company has continued to add organizations using eCW to its robust customer base.

The solutions enable healthcare providers to deploy a complete and functional EMR system that creates greater value for the organization. GuideIT is providing customers with eCW Implementation Management, IT & Clinical Service Desk Support, Training & Adoption, Data Migration, Workflow Optimization, and Technical Support for a comprehensive suite of end-to-end eCW services.

Partnering with GuideIT’s team of technology experts, customers are achieving success with implementation and migration projects while lowering system support costs. GuideIT works with leading healthcare providers to improve workflows, enable HL7 data support, improve dictation functionality, provide platform support & training for end users, and enable enhanced clinical data intelligence with eCW Insights by GuideIT™.

“We have found that healthcare organizations using eCW as an EMR platform often need healthcare experts who can bring results to these investments,” said Chuck Lyles, CEO of GuideIT. “Our team can quickly assess the effectiveness of a system and improve user experience by providing an end-to-end team to implement, optimize, and support any size customer environment.”

The company reports its eCW solutions result in greater use of the platform while providing optimization and support to reduce cost and enable tangible business results.

Charting a Cloud Journey from Enablement to Cloud Native

With dramatic changes to the business environment in recent years, many companies are starting to view traditional on-prem & data center infrastructure as costly to maintain over time, and too rigid to enable the rapid scalability and innovation necessary to succeed in an ever complex and competitive business landscape.

Managing and maintaining physical infrastructure, requiring specialized teams and resources, increases the time and effort necessary to maintain high service quality. Expensive hardware refreshes compound the challenges with long-term commitments to capture ROI.

Companies can optimize operations and fuel digital transformation with adoption of modern cloud and hybrid technologies. Organizations that achieve the full potential of dynamic cloud resources will enable innovation, better cost controls, higher performance, and scalability. With a targeted approach to cloud enablement, GuideIT partners with customers to collaboratively develop cloud strategies that accelerate digital transformation.

GuideIT is empowering customers to chart a Cloud Enablement journey incorporating targeted migrations, optimizations, and advanced Cloud Native capabilities. Organizations can capture value from the cloud with increased availability of systems and apps through modern cloud architectures, and by shift from cap-ex to op-ex consumption model for more predictable and flexible cost of technology.

But the real transformational power of Cloud Enablement comes with the adoption of Cloud Native technologies. Through Advanced Cloud Capabilities, companies can unleash IT teams to innovate and adopt the most optimized technologies for the business, capture efficiencies, and harness the full power of technology.

Personal Mobile Devices an Increasing Cyber Target

The increasing use of personal computing and mobile devices in the workplace is providing new opportunities for the usual suspects of phishers and scammers that have plagued corporate data security for years. Capitalizing on the common use of cell phones as identity verification devices, scammers are increasingly using text messages in attempts to trick employees into giving up credentials and on-time passcodes. SMS phishing attacks have been increasing recently, and each day more companies are forced to disclose data breaches of user and corporate data.

The troubling part is how easily hackers can gain access to a company’s employees through their personal devices. Using both public and stolen personal data, the scammers are able to target workers at some of the worlds top companies by texting their personal devices, posing as legitimate identity verification messages.

GuideIT helps companies identify security gaps and develop remediation strategies to address an evolving threat landscape. Combatting phishing attacks relies primarily on user awareness and training efforts alongside tools to perform and analyze ongoing penetration testing. Adding SMS phishing to your cyber resilience strategy might be the best way to avoid the newest attack vector targeting your employees.

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