December 2022:Top IT Trends for 2023

December 2022
Top IT Trends for 2023

With 2022 coming to a close, here are a few of the top IT trends for 2023, according to research surveying technology and business leaders across various industries. Common to all of these trends are goals of better security, visibility, and management of increasingly complex environments with limited resources.

1. Cybersecurity in Focus

With no shortage of cyber-attacks continuing to make headlines, business leaders are planning cyber security roadmaps with a greater sense of urgency. Most companies expect to invest more in making systems and organizations more secure through improvements in processes, technologies, and training.

Hybrid workforce enablement has created unique challenges for managing security across the enterprise, with virtual and hybrid employees using a wide range of devices in various environments. In 2023, more companies will adopt BYOD and MDM solutions to address this risk with heightened policies.

Global talent shortages have put further pressure on organizations seeking to improve their cyber security. Companies will continue to deal with workforce constraints while adopting models such as DevSecOps, which integrate the cybersecurity function into an already converging IT and Dev Ops workflow.

2. Automation & AI in IT Ops

IT complexity has become a driving force in adoption of advanced data analytics technologies including AI. Increased cyber-attacks and remote work have intensified the difficulty of monitoring and managing disparate IT environments.

Through most IT departments will lag in implementing true AI Ops practices to tackle IT optimization, most will adopt some form of data analysis approach paired with automation to achieve some of the same benefits.

Robust processes around service management that bridge the gaps between departments and various functional groups will create value for companies in streamlining complex workflows with many dependencies, while self-service portals for DevOps, HR, Networking will alleviate IT strain to help companies manage their environments with limited staff.

3. Monitoring & Observability

Leaders have begun to realize the value of untapped data in their environment, and 2023 will be the year when many companies make a strategic decision to become more data driven.

The first step for many organizations will be to put in place systems for data collection and monitoring. The concept of observability refers to the ability to see and discover all relevant business data and to surface it appropriately for business decision support.

Comprehensive visibility into systems is a critical component of a strategic approach to cybersecurity and continual improvement across the organization. Technologies that go beyond passive monitoring and actually identify, collect, and analyze data from disparate systems will help companies further manage risk and complexity in 2023.

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