June 2022: Cyber Security Insights™, Data Driven Healthcare, & Digital Workflow Enablement

GuideIT Announces Public Release of New Insights™ Cyber Security Analytics

GuideIT has announced the release of a new Insights™ Cyber Security Analytics offering. Adding to its existing suite of cloud-based Insights™ Analytics solutions, the company has made the new security analytics product available as a public release since completing successful pilot deployments with select major customers across various industries.

Insights™ Cyber Security Analytics provides a single pane of glass view of assets and their security compliance status, improving how companies can identify risk and respond to security audits for insurance and regulatory compliance. The analytics technology allows customers to capture greater value from existing security tools and data through intelligent cross-platform analysis.

The release comes one year since GuideIT originally launched Insights™ Analytics and the Insights™ Cloud data platform, expanding its suite of data-driven capabilities. GuideIT partnered with select customers in 2021 to develop and refine a security analytics toolset to provide cyber professionals with visibility across disparate tools and identify gaps and vulnerabilities through proprietary cross- system comparison and external threat intelligence data sources.

“Protecting customer environments is a top priority and Cyber Security Insights™ strengthens customers’ ability to see and respond to threats across their security landscape,” said GuideIT Security Practice Leader Trent Gibbs. “I’m excited about how the technology has matured and by the results now being realized by customers, who are gaining a higher level of data management of CISO- level priorities to protect against and resolve cyber threats.”

Data Driven Healthcare: Opportunities for Providers

Providers today are faced with limited resources at a time when demand for healthcare is rapidly rising. Practice managers must balance operational pressures to run efficient offices, ensuring economic equilibrium between revenue generation and costs.

Chronic conditions are a driving factor behind the rise in healthcare demand, and providers must maintain data visibility to manage and drive improvement at the population level. These conditions consume significantly disproportionate resources creating challenges for care demand management. Additionally, patients increasingly expect a convenient patient experience that provides personalized health information on demand. Maintaining a high-quality experience for patients can consume resources and should correlate to patient satisfaction.

GuideIT Clinical Solutions has identified three key areas of opportunity for providers seeking to harness their data to improve clinical performance and patient outcomes: Practice Management, Clinical Quality Measures, and Patient Engagement.

To facilitate efficient operations from scheduling to revenue analysis, we optimize clinical performance and resource management by comparing trends from scheduling, coding, staffing & revenue data. Addressing chronic health conditions, GuideIT can baseline and monitor clinical quality measures to improve visibility of patient populations at-risk for issues like chronic heart disease and diabetes through best-of-breed, NCQA-type controls.

Finally, to deliver an exceptional patient experience, our Data-Driven solutions facilitate and validate seamless interactions by promoting patient satisfaction through high-value interactions, minimize disruption to clinical operations, and provide superior patient engagement.

Advancing the Modern Enterprise through Digital Workflow Enablement

Although digital technologies have reshaped our lives in many ways, the daily activities of the workplace have not fully harnessed these technologies to streamline and automate routine processes. Research has revealed that up to 60% of employee time is spent on routine tasks that could benefit from automated, software-driven digital workflows. IT Service Management tasks and processes represent significant opportunities to gain efficiency through digital workflow.

Through the adoption of Digital Workflow technologies such as ITSM, automation, & analytics-powered reporting, business can capture efficiencies and reduce technology costs. GuideIT Digital Workflow solutions provide advisory services to assess the strength of existing process, identify opportunities for automations, and deliver targeted performance analytics to drive continued service improvement over time.

GuideIT works with customers to evaluate their digital workflow maturity and provide strategic advisory services to provide a holistic view of business systems and processes. This is the foundation for building a Digital Transformation Roadmap to improve processes, mature service management, seamlessly integrate disparate systems, and encourage user adoption of technology.

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