September 2022: Cloud Enables Analytics, Team Member Highlight, and Cyber Patching

Cloud Technologies Taking Analytics from Luxury to Utility

Cloud’s importance has been greatly enhanced in recent years due to events such the global pandemic. Many organizations had to quickly shift to telework to enable continued functioning of critical business activities, requiring the immediate adoption of cloud services. With vast amounts of new cloud data comes the ability to harness that data for analytics, making actionable business intelligence truly attainable for companies like never before.

Cloud-based information management systems like data lakes and cloud data warehouses are highly flexible, scalable, and can be natively connected in the cloud to build networks for real-time data analytics processing without the need for specialized hardware and data centers.

In healthcare, this means the vast and growing amounts of wearable sensor data can now be analyzed and processed in the cloud to provide population health visibility to local and regional health authorities.

It can also empower health practices to better manage their patient interactions and experience through EMR and customer satisfaction insights based on already existing data.

GuideIT is enabling customers to leverage cloud-based business analytics with Stratus™, our fully managed cloud analytics architecture. With Stratus™, companies can harness already existing data to surface customized, actionable insights in a scalable, cost-effective way.

Team Member Highlight: Tony Federico, IT Management Leader

Practice Group Leader Tony Federico brings extensive experience to the role leading the IT Management group for GuideIT. He has held multiple previous senior-level account management positions at top tech firms including Perot Systems & Dell/EMC.

Tony was a member of the United States Marine Corps before beginning his tech career at Perot systems in 1998 at EMC.

Now a proud father of two and active member of various communities, he’s one of the highly-capable GuideIT technology leaders, thriving in high-profile environments and with the ability to resolve complex issues while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction.

Patching: Your Secret Cyber Weapon

While top firms worldwide are often targeted by hackers and scammers due to their size and notoriety, most companies that fall victim to cyber-attacks are the result of wide-net strategies, not targeted infiltration.

Wide-net strategies deployed by malicious actors rely on exploiting commonly-known vulnerabilities against less-sophisticated organizations who haven’t deployed all latest security patches available. Either due to skill gaps or bandwidth shortages, companies often fail to simply implement already-available patches to secure their systems. Worse, many firms are unaware to what extent their environments are up-to-date.

GuideIT Cyber Security Patching management allows organization to entrust this vital cyber security discipline to our team of experienced and credentialed cyber threat intelligence analysts. With a focus on staying apprised of new zero-day exploits and patches, GuideIT Cyber Security keeps your IT environment updated with the latest protection available for your business data.

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