Balancing Creativity and Efficiency in IT Service Management (ITSM) Environments: 3 Best Practices

Balancing Creativity and Efficiency in IT Service Management (ITSM) Environments: 3 Best Practices

AUTHORED BY Scott teel, Managed services EXECUTIVE @ GUIDEIT

Although many IT service managers enjoy the thrill of a good chase (identifying the problem, developing possible solutions, and then testing those theories) leveraging such creativity of those outside-the-box thinkers can be a challenge.  Most engineers and administrators base their problem solving on their own set of experiences and training.  While this is part of the reason you hire them, it can sometimes limit their problem solving efficiency and overall performance when measured against the objectives of the business.  While some IT problems may be easily identified and solved, others require a much more “detective-like” approach and more creativity. So how does a leader balance creativity and efficiency in an ITSM environment?

Here are 3 best practices to ensure problem solving remains streamlined while still fostering creativity…

  1. Collaborate.  Infrastructure problems are complex and can span a multitude of functional areas. One size does not fit all solutions is not the normal in IT today and most solutions today can coexist or integrate into the foundation of your ITSM solution. So, foster a proactive organized collaboration environment to enable open sharing across domain expertise.
  2. Speak the same language and keep it simple.  Problems should be solved with a balance of tactical and strategic insight. Ensure the final solution is solved by taking small, easy to understand steps and milestones that achieve the overall business goals with measured results. Make sure your IT specialists are on the same page by providing a clear understanding of the problem, possible causes, and possible outcomes.
  3. Bring in help if needed.  Sometimes the right answer will come from outside your group. Don’t be afraid to consider this option.

Creativity can be balanced with efficiency by fostering an environment where ideas and solutions can be freely shared with an organized and collaborative approach. Join us next week for our next microblog post!

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