Considerations for Successful Medical Record Abstraction

Considerations for Successful Medical Record Abstraction

As healthcare organizations implement and transition to new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, they frequently find that they cannot transfer all of the needed patient data electronically. Through our medical record abstraction services, our team of experts can help analyze and manually migrate pertinent patient data into your new system seamlessly.

Our Approach

Patient safety and physician satisfaction is dependent on having a complete medical record.  Our U.S.-based team of medical records experts ensures the seamless movement from one medical record to another without impacting your organization’s ability to deliver quality to your patients and providers. Our abstraction team consists of experienced abstractors, quality assurance specialists, and leaders whose primary focus is on your patient data.  We use proprietary tools to assign, track, QA, and report on your data to ensure the process and outcomes meet your organizational standards.

How We Do It

  • Engage – We engage with our customer during the analysis portion of our work to create a scalable approach based on patient population. Our approach allows both parties to get an understanding of what data needs to be moved, where the data is located and how the end users will access the data in the new system.
  • Analyze – We analyze our customer’s data before combining data from multiple systems or multiple locations into a shared data set in an effort to define the critical data.  We augment electronic conversion to bring data into our customer’s new system that is too risky to move through automated tools.
  • Plan – Once we have identified the critical data and defined the source and target systems, we develop and implement a plan that specifies how the abstractors will locate specific data and how it will appear in the new EMR system.
  • Train – Our trainers work with our customer to ensure our team is trained to customer standards. Our abstractors cannot access live systems until they are proficient.
  • Report – We report on agreed metrics at the frequency our customer needs to track the progress of migration

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