How Healthcare IT Consulting and Medical Data Abstraction Can Improve Your Health Records

How Healthcare IT Consulting and Medical Data Abstraction Can Improve Your Health Records

As the need to aggregate clinical data with the consolidation of Electronic Health Record platforms (or EMR) increases, conversion of data to assist in the lowering of cost and improved quality of care is a large undertaking for an organization. Data abstraction is the process to build a consolidated database for greater use by clinicians. The result is a medical source of truth that will optimize the safety, security and efficiency of the patients' electronic health record. Here's everything you need to know about data abstraction and healthcare consulting at GuideIT:

Maximize Efficiency with Healthcare Consulting from GuideIT

In general, abstraction is the process of reducing information into a set of essential characteristics for efficiently managing medical records. It allows disparate patient data to become readily available in the form of a consolidated electronic chart. Undergoing this process allows providers and their staff to care for each patient without needing to reference multiple legacy software systems for historic and reporting purposes.

Supports Patient Safety by Triggering Decision Support Alerts

Data abstraction allows for the triggering of decision support alerts that are related to the information entered during abstraction. Commonly abstracted data includes allergies, medications, immunizations and patient history to better assist providers in caring for patients. When documentation is entered which could contradict best practice of care, the system is able to alert the provider based on the abstracted historical data. The decision to abstract data into a new EHR will provide a more cohesive and longitudinal record with which the provider can make better informed medical decisions. Consolidating different forms of information and documentation systems can be complicated and time-consuming. Maximizing the benefits of abstraction means devoting massive amounts of time and people to complete the job correctly. If you're interested in data abstraction, our healthcare consulting specialists are ready to guide you through the process of enhancing your medical records. Contact us to learn more.

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