How to Protect Your Business From the Growing Complexity of Email-Based Security Attacks

How to Protect Your Business From the Growing Complexity of Email-Based Security Attacks

The Threat Landscape

Organizations face a growing frequency and complexity of email-based security threats as the predominance of targeted attacks begin with an email. Advanced malware delivery, phishing and domain and identity spoofing can penetrate the primary layer of security provided as part of the email service and damage your business. With the increasing complexity of attacks, relying solely upon base security features and employee training is no longer adequate. Additionally, the types of organizations receiving these email attacks is expanding to include not only large and well-known businesses, but also small businesses because of a perception that there will be fewer security layers.

Our Approach

With GuideIT Advanced Email Protection you receive the extra security necessary to address this growing threat. We provide a service configurable to the level of protection you seek that is priced on a variable, per mailbox basis. Based on the requirements established, which encompass the level of protection, filter rules and user parameters, we implement and operate the advanced protection, while also providing you visibility into the threat environment and actions to protect your business.

How It Works

We implement a protective shield monitored by security experts in which all email traffic is routed through. Inbound messages are checked against know fraudulent and dangerous URL's and email addresses, while attachments are scanned for malware. When an incoming email is flagged, it is blocked, quarantined and the GuideIT security team notified. We then work with your team to revise the protective rules as necessary for your business. All outbound messages are scanned to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) do not leave the organization accidentally or maliciously. Read next: How to Protect Your End User Devices from COVID-19 Phishing Attacks

How You Will Benefit

Through our Advanced Email Protection solution, you will realize:

  • Greater protection from advanced email threats
  • Increased visibility into the threats being experienced
  • Enhanced email encryption and data loss prevention
  • Extended protection to social media accounts
  • Better compliance and discovery readiness

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