Who Do YOU Trust?

Who Do YOU Trust?


Trust: Why is it that we use this word so often?  It is because we place great value on trust.  Trust is not a technique or a request, it is an emotional state.  To trust means to be vulnerable and accepting without evidence.  Trust is a feeling.

Think back on your experiences….How did you learn to trust?   Was it through positive or negative experiences?  Regardless of how you answered this question you undoubtedly learned to trust.

This life lesson applies in our work life just as it does our personal life.  Trust is a valued commodity that we may not consciously think about on a daily basis.  We have trust relationships with our employers, customers, sales people, peers and many others.

These relationships are formed based upon many factors, however several stand out:

  • Reliability
  • Perception of Confidence
  • Intentions
  • Unguarded Two Way Communication

When I experience the above in my everyday relationship with someone, I consider that to be a successful trust relationship.   They are my trusted advisor.  I strive to build these types of relationships with my customers each and every day one interaction at a time through honest open communication.   I would love to hear how your build and nurture your trust relationships.  How do you build trust?

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