July 19, 2018 — Plano, TX — GuideIT today announced that has been engaged to provide services in support of major technological transformation for a regional health system.With many concurrent initiatives underway in support of its technology transformation goals, the health system engaged GuideIT to manage legacy applications support and execute a major server decommissioning program in support of a technology infrastructure modernization program.“Executing major technology programs can stretch even the strongest of IT organizations,” said Chuck Lyles, CEO for GuideIT. “Our success in meeting the requirements, budget and timelines on our prior engagements earned us the opportunity to continue supporting this important transformation.”GuideIT provides the experience, proven processes and expertise necessary to successfully implement technological change. Its result-focused approach to empowering business emphasizes delivering services that enable the creation of value, leveraging its broad expertise of technology executives and practitioners, and simplifying the complex while bringing the flexibility and creativity needed to succeed.

About GuideIT

While technology is critical for every business, it’s also complex and ever changing, often making it difficult to manage. Because of this complexity, many business leaders find themselves in need of advisors they can trust... people who can guide them through getting the most out of technology, relative to their business priorities and the results they seek. That’s why people put their trust in us.www.guideit.com.