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MEDITECH Expanse Go-Live Support Services for Large Multi-Hospital System

MEDITECH Expanse Go-Live Support Services for Large Multi-Hospital System
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GuideIT provides comprehensive end-user support services for providers, from standard technical and clinical service desk to specialized platform and application-specific expertise. Assist(TM) Service Desk by GuideIT is delivered by experienced, on-shore support analysts.

The Customer

A large multi-hospital system located in the central US had been using a hybrid EHR environment of MEDITECH Magic and Cerner’s Soarian for over a decade. To meet the evolving needs of the organization and the community it serves, they made the decision to implement the Expanse version of MEDITECH and standardize across the entire health system.

The Challenge

Migrating from the existing MEDITECH Magic and Cerner Soarian systems to the new MEDITECH Expanse system would require complex build, testing, and conversion aspects, as well as training, education and support for clinicians and physicians across the entire organization. These clinicians and physicians needed to have knowledgeable Expanse support experts readily available in order to provide uninterrupted patient care during the conversion.

The GuideIT Solution

GuideIT’s Assist MEDITECH Expanse Go Live Support provides US Based resources who have hands- on experience with MEIDTECH Expanse and a deep understanding of healthcare clinical workflows and processes. GuideIT’s MEDITECH Expanse Support team leverages that deep level of experience to deliver responsive and effective virtual “at-the-elbow” support to clinicians and physicians when they need it most.

Once our customer confirmed the Expanse go live for their acute care facilities, they established a partnership with GuideIT to provide Assist MEDITECH Expanse Go Live Support, not only for the actual go live, but to include the Learning Lab and Mock Live project stages as well. This approach helped reaffirm their commitment to supporting the end user community and freed up time for the project team to prepare for conversion and go-live.

GuideIT began delivering Expanse support in February 2022, continuing through the successful acute care facilities go live of Expanse on April 1, 2022. Today, GuideIT continues to support this customer through the post live period. The GuideIT team assists daily with questions such as “How do I sign my note?” and “Where do I find the lab results?,” to supporting issues and escalating those issues as needed to facilitate uninterrupted patient care. GuideIT’s Assist MEDITECH Expanse Go Live Support services included integration between GuideIT’s and our customer’s ITSM system, providing full detail of all tickets and documentation related to Expanse support.

GuideIT Clinical Solutions provide transformative technology services for providers of all sizes. Leveraging top industry talent, GuideIT Clinical Solutions teams work with caregivers “at-the-elbow” to provide support at the time of care, when immediate response is critical.

Why GuideIT


GuideIT is an industry leader in aligning technology with the needs of healthcare organizations. With extensive EMR and compliance experience, we’re the ideal end-to-end technology partner for organization seeking to migrate, optimize or transform core healthcare technologies with a data-driven approach. Leveraging proprietary data technologies, GuideIT empowers provider organizations with data visibility to enable data-driven decision support.

The Results

A MEDITECH Expanse implementation has a major impact on any organization, and user experience is the ultimate key to success. Our customer’s MEDITECH Expanse go live was successful, as confirmed by the organization leadership team and their end user community. The GuideIT Assist MEDITECH Expanse Support team played a key role in this success by:

  • Optimizing the Expanse go live experience for the end users
  • Reducing strain on the project team
  • Providing fast response and high first contact resolution for issues
  • Getting clinicians and physicians back to patient care as soon as possible

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